Language vendors announce end-to-end partnership

This week, three language technology suppliers and a language service provider (LSP) launched a partnership to pull several advanced technologies together into a unified translation and localization solution. The four companies — Acrolinx , Asia Online, Clay Tablet, and Milengo — announced that they would work together to “create an end-to-end translation solution that delivers on the promise of the next generation of translation advances.”

The partnership brings together three products that we have identified as class leaders, including Acrolinx for authoring improvements, Asia Online for machine translation, and Clay Tablet for middleware, all integrated within Milengo’s production center.

While they did not name names, the four companies decided to position themselves mano-a-mano against the single-vendor portfolio-based solution offered by SDL, which recently announced its acquisition of machine translation supplier Language Weaver.

n their approach to offering a single solution, the four have chosen a best-of-breed approach built on products that they say will “all work together seamlessly” because they are standards-based.

Their goal is to deliver on some core supplier capabilities that we have long espoused in our research, including manageability, effectiveness, and efficiency.