Rise of Asian language translation market

Many translators and interpreters have been helping industry. With chemical, leather, IT, automobile and other industries burgeoning in the south, the scope for translators and interpreters is rising. And it is still considered a sunrise industry.

While technology, business practices, regulatory compliance and marketing issues support the international or domestic multi-cultural outreach of any organisation, words always convey information about what an organisation does, sells or offers. With the advancement of technology, translators undertake the work online. Though most take it up as part-time occupation, there are others who do it full time. The Indian language translation sector is likely to take off in a big way in the coming three years, trade sources say.

The Asian language translation market revenue accounted for $1,312 million in 2008 and an equal amount last year. It is projected to reach $1,516 million in 2010, according to research and consulting firm, Common Services Advisory. With more tie-ups happening and with entrepreneurs wanting to add localisation/interpretation/ translation as another service of value to their clients, the translation industry is undoubtedly growing, say sources.